How To Manifest Everything That You Want

How To Manifest Everything That You Want

Manifesting is the metaphysical art and science of how we can easily bring our desires into the physical world. It is natural process that involves a specific vibration of energy which you experience that will attract any heartfelt desire to you quickly and effortlessly! To start this process, you should think of something that you would like to have. Start from small things first because this will give you more faith as to that they will manifest.

When you manifest small things, you will be able to gradually progress to bigger and bigger ones. Some fail to manifest because they want to get large amounts of money, houses or cars with their first intention. But that does not work this way because you cannot possibly completely believe that such big things will manifest when you are just a beginner.

How to manifest your desires

  • Slow Down, Relax and Fully Be Here Now.

Being ever-present to this eternal moment is one of the most essential and basic key to manifesting. The mind will jump from past to the future and back again to the past, distracting you from the Infinite Source of power that is only here now. The entire Universe is happening only in this moment. If you are thinking about anything but this moment you are missing out on the Source that is connected to everyone and everything in it. The mind/ego is an extraordinary tool and is what we use to manifest our desires with. If the mind is free from the distracting thoughts about the past and future, then the amazing core of your magical manifesting power has room to come through! By slowing down you are able to shut off the mind chatter and tap directly into the infinite Source of manifesting power that is available ONLY in the Now. As you learn how to slow down your thoughts, your breathing and the movement of your body, eventually the mind comes to a halt and creates space of timelessness. Here we tap into the Infinite Source and you make contact with a super-natural power inside. When we live throughout our day at an enjoyable relaxed and peace filled pace, we can truly resource the intelligence and power in this eternal moment.

Remember, every idea begins with an intuitive hunch. We know we need certain things at certain times in our lives. There is an inner voice which tells us. We encounter omens or coincidences which point to it. Conversations trigger ideas through synchronicity. There are times when you know you want something.

  • Practice Stillness Everyday.

In order to stop the constant chattering of the mind, we need a conscious daily Meditation practice of training the mind. Manifesting happens instantly when you have made the mind to act according to your way. The longer you can maintain focus on your breath, the faster your goals will manifest for you. The actual time it takes to manifest is directly proportional to the number of minutes you can concentrate on what you want without distraction. Become the master of your thoughts, get to know this seat of consciousness inside.

Be clear on what it is you wish to create in your life. The more specific – the better. We teach making lists as a way to clarify what you want. The world is a reflection of our mind. We attract into our lives a reflection of the thoughts we project. If you really want anything, you can have it. Creating a crystal clear vision is an important step.

  • Make Conscious Contact With The Universe

The first step here is to acknowledge that there is a higher power inside you right now, and its very easily available to you. The next step is to be open to this extremely ever-present intelligent Source that is always happening everywhere you are. Believe and get to know your personal conscious connection with this sacred Omni-present Source of power. As you progress in your relationship with this very real divine intelligence, center your mind closer to your heart. You will come to know that God is closer to you than your heart, your mind or your next breath of air.

By spending time getting clear on what you desire, you will recognize it when it turns up! That will provide you with certainty that you have found what you are looking for and give you the courage to complete the plan to manifestation.

  • Trust in Life’s Magical Unfolding Process.

Be infinitely patient! Discover a deeper “knowingness” inside you that can help you let go of anxiety, disbelief and doubt. Decide and believe that your goal is on its way. The Universe is always supporting what you want and if you affirm what you want it will always help you to achieve it. The more you can surrender to this deeply wise and powerful feeling of trust and letting go, the more the Universe can help you. It’s about getting in touch with that infinite patience that ignites and engages this manifesting process. The experience of Trust is really the greatest and deepest surrender to the Universe from the tiny ego trip we’re on.

Thus, be crystal clear on your outcome; daily visualize what you desire, but release the need to have it. When we project neediness, we block manifestation. When we don’t care, miracles happen. Be confident. Release any negative thoughts. Affirm that what you desire is on the way with everyone you meet. Brush off any thoughts or comments that you can’t achieve what you wish.

  • Focus on your Desired Outcome without Attachment to it.

When you allow your mind to ONLY have positive thoughts towards your desired outcome you are saying to the Universe that you are devoted to manifesting your dream. Being in a deep, positive, open connection with your desired outcome without being overly attached to it, is one of the greatest hidden keys to manifesting it. Positive thinking is a way of sending direct messages to the Universe saying what you want is important and sacred to you. Visualize, feel and imagine that your greatest dream is happening to you without clinging to it. Assume that your imagination is real! Honor and respect your goals in life as if they were given to you from the highest and most powerful being you can imagine.

By now you need to put in place all that is necessary to make your dreams come true. Completely let go and it is a matter of time. We live in an infinite universe of absolute abundance. It is only our limiting beliefs which restrict our experience.

  • Love Yourself Always and In All Ways.

By simply and profoundly giving Love to yourself everyday in every way you are saying to the Universe you are worthy of attaining any dream, vision or goal. Immediately drop any neediness for love, acceptance and approval from others and replace it with self-love. Step aside from everyone’s judgments of you and use that crucial time and energy to send yourself loving and appreciative thoughts. You will increase your manifesting ability and power with every loving feeling you have about yourself that is usually negative and skeptical. The greatest manifesting energy comes from within this Infinite Source of Thought of your being which is in essence Absolute Love.

In simple words, anchor in your belief in your own power to manifest by celebrating your success. The more you do this, the easier it becomes to find exactly what you want in life. Have a glass of champagne. Go out for dinner. Splash out. It is important to honor your victories. Angels tread lightly. You are an angel. Lighten up, have fun with life, and watch your desires come to pass with ever increasing rapidity. Make it so!


Decide what you want, know you deserve it, believe that it is and it will be yours!


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